Book Recommendation - Eleanor Nunn

What Kind of God, by Micheal Ots.jpg

If you’ve been enjoying the evening series of “The Church has a lot to answer for”, this might be a good read for you! It presents 10 of the most common arguments for why people are reluctant to believe in God. Inspired by a series of talks for non-Christians, this book explores several taboo topics including What kind of God would limit my sexuality?, What kind of God is still relevant?, and What kind of God doesn’t prevent suffering? This book isn’t scared to dive straight into difficult topics; it skilfully guides the reader through each question, introducing relevant theology and discussion throughout. I found this book really helpful in developing my understanding of God’s character and the life he wants for us. I’d recommend it to anyone who finds these questions difficult; this book really reassured me that I wasn’t alone in my confusion and provided a clear framework to help me start exploring the answers for myself.

Joseph Snelling