Book Recommendation- Claire Burton


What’s So Amazing About Grace

By Philip Yancey


I first picked this book up 10 years age and it remains in one of my top 5 reads of all time. It is a book that is for everyone, Christian or not, in illustrating the true nature of grace and how far short we fall of ever being able to earn the salvation freely given. 


There were times during reading that I needed to shut the book and walk away, it challenged me so deeply or moved me to tears. Philip has a profound and sometimes shocking way of illustrating the extreme lengths that God goes to in His demonstration of grace towards us, the lack of grace that can be shown by the church and the responsibility we have to truly grasp the nature of grace so we can reflect it to the world around us.


Philip truly believes that ‘Grace’ is the last, best word that remains uncorrupted in the Christian faith and that it is our unique offering to a world of un-grace. His anecdotes may offend and challenge you but I promise you a read that will make you think.



Joseph Snelling