“What will look different on the 31st December 2019 to the 31st December 2018?” This was a question Matt put to us in his Sunday morning talk a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a great question because the more you spend thinking about it, the more you realise it connects at different levels.

How will I be fitter? How will I be eating healthier? How will my relationships be stronger? How will my character be nicer for people to be around? (!) How will my faith be deeper and more active? How many of my friends will have become Christians? You get the idea!

On one level it’s exciting as we think of the possibilities and what could be? On the other hand it can very quickly give way to being underwhelmed by it all as either we get too busy or lose discipline or just get overwhelmed with everything else going on in life. 

Last Sunday morning we looked together at the passage where Jesus turns water into wine and saw that even though we may at times feel overwhelmed and/or under-resourced the reality is everything we need is right here and that as we bring our ordinary and mundane with a small step of faith and ask for the presence of Jesus, transformation occurs!

I love reading about Mary who when Jesus says “my time has not come” in (typical?) mother fashion ignores his protests and tells the servants “do whatever he tells you to do”. Mary doesn’t know quite what Jesus will do, or how he will do it, but she does know he can. Transformation occurs of course because of Jesus, but also because Mary, who clearly knows Jesus well, also knows when He is around transformation is possible, and so intercedes and encourages those around her to get involved in what he says, and the result is they are part of the miraculous.

This is one of the reasons we are so keen at encouraging you to get plugged into community hubs or small groups. If you want 31st December 2019 to look different to 31st December 2018, then connecting with others who can point you to Jesus, encourage you to take part in his plans and celebrate transformation with you is one of the best ways we know to do it. 

If you want to know where you FIT in church, and /or  if you want to deepen in your FAITH, and /or you want to have a sense of FRIENDS and FAMILY supporting and cheering you on then please do make the most of community hubs. ‘Going to church’ is great and we are very glad you do but if you are serious about encountering the Love of God, learning to Live more like Jesus so that you can Go in the power of the spirit to see lives and communities transformed then gathering in smaller hubs is one of the best ways to see this happen!

We would love to chat more with you and help you find a group for you. There are a whole range of different hubs and if there isn’t one for you - why not start one?!

You can sign up through the website or on Sunday at the stand.

love Jim

Ruth Cook